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Reasons for the fondness of Online Music Platforms

A lot of people love listening to music. For some it is just a hobby and for many- a remedy to the soul. Like the reasons, the choice of songs also varies from person to person. An unlimited access to free music is something that is every music lover’s dream. Therefore, people are fast becoming fond of online music platforms.

Body: Whether we are happy or sad, most of us tend to listen to songs to sooth ourselves. Interestingly, people like to hear peppy songs to elevate mood and intense and soft songs to induce a feeling of sobriety. It would be safe to say that music acts as the medicine to the soul.


The mode of accessing music has changed drastically in the last few years. In the past, the source of music was confined to just the TV programs, Radio and live music performances. However, in the recent times, accessibility to music has majorly shifted to the online music platforms. The reasons for this major shift are described below.

Free access to unlimited music


The unique selling point of these websites is definitely the availability of free music. In the past, people had to buy cassettes to gain access to their favourite songs all the time and then came the era of CDs and so did its demise. On these online platforms, no one needs to pay to listen to music. The access is absolutely free and there are no restrictions on the time for which you can listen to music. One can listen to the Bollywood top 10 songs end number of times in a row without any charges.

Multiple Songs on one platform


The type of music available on these websites is not restricted to just one language. One can listen to songs from different genre and languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi and many more. The songs are divided into several categories and artists like Arijit Singh songs, Atif Aslam songs etc. Thus, these online platforms are a one-stop shop for all kinds of music.


Unlimited Free download

Besides unlimited access to music, these online platforms also offers unlimited music download. A user can download as many songs as he wants individually or in form of predefined playlists like Bollywood songs 2016 download. One can download songs simultaneously depending on their internet speed.


Multi bitrate download


The numerous songs, which are available for download, can be downloaded in various file formats like HD audios or normal resolution. Therefore, you can settle for the file size according to your internet capacity. These websites promise superfast downloading of songs be it 190 kbps download or 320 kbps download.


Ease of accessibility over any platform


One of the biggest reasons of fondness of these online platforms is its ease of accessibility. These online websites can be accessed over any internet supportive device like your laptop, mobiles, tablets etc. Moreover, one can access these websites at any hour of the day irrespective of the place. Music is now available on the go and that too without any hassles.


Additional Free Services


Besides listening or putting favourite Bollywood songs on download, one can also enjoy several other services from these websites. You can download free ringtones, videos from these websites. One can also find attractive wallpapers and other such funky stuff. Many of these websites also support online games.

Nowadays, online platforms are acquiring the centre stage as a wholesome package of entertainment, which can be accessed anywhere and at any time.

The Happiness of Free Music Downloads

Music is the strongest form of magic that sways away music lovers to a world of melodies. People love listening to music while they travel, while they are alone, while they are working, while they are exercising, or while they are doing any routine task; in short, people love to listen to music in every moment of life. To keep their music playlist updated, they always look for the latest Hindi songs downloads, English music downloads, or free downloads of a personal favorite genre. For these people, internet is a boon as it offers a platform for music lovers from where they can download songs for free.


For internet users, several free music download websites have been launched from where users can simply download free music. Via the internet, any type of music can be downloaded for free of cost; and this is a much loved service by those who love their music.


There are several websites on internet from which hundreds and thousands of songs can be downloaded by just registering on the website(s). By registering, it means that the internet user has to provide basic information including name, email id, Zip code and personal information. A user has to provide this information just for registration purpose only, after which he can download music absolutely free of cost.


The best part about downloading music from the internet on mobile phones or computers/laptops is that it takes a matter of seconds to add a song to the playlist (depending upon the internet connection speed). When it comes to these free music download websites, there is no limit to the number of songs one can download, which means it is one of the easiest, fastest and obviously the cheapest ways to build a personal music library.


Downloading music online however is said to be a form of piracy, but there is a little to no truth behind this fact. It is a piracy when one downloads music by illegal means; but these free music download websites that operate legally. There was once a controversy about illegality in downloading songs for free from internet, but over a period of time, this became legal and websites now operate legally, so that one can build his playlist without any feeling of guilt. And that’s not all - via these music download websites, online users cannot just download their favorite songs, but can even explore different genres of music, even those which they haven’t heard before.


Along with music downloading platforms, these websites also act as an online community where every music lover loves to share reviews and talk about music. It is from these websites where music lovers keep themselves updated about new music launches, interact with other music lovers, and unite with music lovers across the globe.